Muxed Messages

Arts Practice

Project Overview

Conversations with electromagnetic waves.

Muxed Messages allows participants to receive sonic/vibrational signals from electromagnetic waves emitted from their own bodies and the surrounding environment. Their responses to these signals reveal their own particular personal presets when communicating with others.

When we see/hear rhythms within the 100ms – 2 second range, our sensorimotor system spontaneously entrains to it. We search for patterns in the illegible and the unknown, shifting how we receive, reorder and respond to noise in order to convert it to information.

Through a series of post-performance discussions, embedded thoughts and values emerge during the process, uncovering preconceptions that form our world views. The melodies were also converted to midi in order to investigate softer voices for the signals.

The resultant pieces were published on vinyl record packaged in an accompanying book.

Medium: Satellite Dish, Processing, Arduino, display screen, Woojer Edge haptic strap.