Black Mac

Art Practice

Project Overview

This project looked at slit-scanning as a vehicle for producing digital textures. Different layers of activity produced interesting image results, evoking an archaeological quality to these images.

The film sits in a vintage Apple Macintosh SE-30, which represents my nostalgia to the emergence of personal computing, now black rather than it’s normal beige colour to draw attention to it’s shape and weight compared to today’s smart devices. There’s something comforting in such a physical presence. The idea of a nostalgia of early technology.

The orange sticker tells us “I WAS HURT TODAY BUT I AM ALRIGHT NOW”, which is was flippant joke aimed at the cracked screen of the machine, but once I added it the machine was inferred to have emotional output. I like this idea of connecting emotions through machines, relationships, connections. In this project I mine the cracks, the errors and the glitches to explore ways groups with seemingly polarised views connected by technology can better communicate .