Egerton Park Open Space

Arts Practice

Project Overview

Egerton Park is a residential area in the Rock Ferry ward of Wirral. The park’s original large Victorian semi’s are punctuated by bungalows, nursing homes, Sixties flats, social housing, SMO’s and derelict sites – inhabited by company director’s, retired servicemen, those in social care, ex-o enders, young families, students, zero hour contractors, and those in end of life care.

With a diverse range of housing and inhabitants, it could be described as a microcosm of modern social structures, yet the park highlights the distance and lack of interaction between many social groups, leading to mis-communication, assumption and bias when addressing shared issues.

I, with other members of the Egerton Park Residents Committee, have secured three meanwhile spaces for up to three years to initiate a community arts programme that makes visible and allows access to the diverse population of Egerton Park, Rock Ferry and the wider Birkenhead region.

The project is very much in its infancy, but there are ambitious plans to integrate the space and community arts within the area, using this project as a catalyst for wider programme development.