I’m an Interdisciplinary Designer & Visual Artist, working across diverse digital, print and film projects.

I have over twenty years experience conceiving, designing and delivering creative solutions for international tech companies, the music industry and cultural and arts initiatives. I do this through my own client relationships, as a creative consultant for design agencies and through short-term design contracts. 

Adjacent to this, my research practice investigates alternative mixed-realities, exploring how design thinking can apply to public understanding of the growing complexity of the world. I create projects that utilise visual, sonic and haptical elements to imagine new digital/physical spaces.

My Experience

My expertise extends across print, digital, film and social media design, enabling cohesive branding and marketing campaigns that engage audiences and deliver solutions that align with clients’ branding guidelines and objectives.

I began my career starting my own design agency, producing branding for emerging and established music artists. I art-directed a collection of top ten albums including Arctic Monkeys ‘Whatever you think I am That’s What I’m not’, The Coral’s debut album and The Zutons’ ‘Who Killed The Zutons, in addition to many other campaigns across print, digital, film and TV.

I then became the Creative Director at The Creative Corporation, working on high-level digital campaigns for catalogue music artists such as Marvin Gaye, Nirvana and The Doors as well as commercial campaigns for Red Bull, Waitrose, Durex, Harper Collins and The BBC.

After leaving The Creative Corporation I returned to running my own consultancy, gaining project and contract work from Clients such as Paradise London, MiQ Digital, ICE and Pogust Goodhead (My Diesel Claim).

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New Perspectives

I recently graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Visual Communication, which has further refined my skills and expertise and expanded my interest in AI supported design and marketing processes, new digital public spaces and addressing the rising interconnected complexity of the world.

As part of my art practice I am currently engaged in instigating a CIC that repurposes unused development sites in the Birkenhead area of Wirral in order to investigate a shift in the designer’s role to that of support and direction through joint interventions in embedded communities rather than responding to any single brief.

My Approach

I like to work as part of the team, understanding and collaborating with clients whether that’s a website for a global tech firm or a debut vinyl record for an emerging artist.

I have significant experience in analysing a brief and the needs of clients and marketing departments in order to understand their goals and preferences to translate them into creative design solutions. I have mentored senior and junior designers in the studio and provided support, guidance and constructive feedback on their work. 

I also have extensive client-facing, presentation and project management experience, and have extensive experience in managing multiple projects simultaneously, delivering them within the designated timeline and budget. I  have significant experience managing my own and my teams’ time and resources through my experience running and managing busy studios, marketing teams and working as a remote contractor.

In addition to my design expertise, in all of the major production applications for print, digital and film, I also utiise my skills in website development coding and frameworks plus an expanding knowledge of emerging creative platforms such as Midjourney and Dragonfly AI.

Roles & Skills

Creative Direction

Art Direction

Project Management

Campaign Concept

Branding and Identity

Digital Design

Responsive Design

UI Design

Website Architecture

Front End Build

Email Html Build

Print Design


Print Management

Pitch Documents

Pitch Presentation

Web Production

2D Animation

3D Modelling

Film Direction

Film Treatment

Film Editing